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You Need a Logistics Solution,
Not a Marketplace

Consumer Behavior and Expectations for Delivery Have Shifted

As consumers place more orders through online and mobile platforms, the demand for locally delivered products has grown. Millennials make 54% of their purchases online and 80% of all Americans order products for delivery at least once per month. If your business isn’t offering same day delivery, or faster, you're losing current and future customers.

Marketplaces are Expensive and a Poor Customer Experience

While some ordering marketplaces offer delivery service, they take a portion of the transaction value (10%-30%) and make it difficult for your business to be profitable. They offer highly variable and unprofessional delivery services through independent contractors who can’t be scheduled for shifts, instructed to wear uniforms, or required to follow specific instructions.

Businesses Struggle to Manage their Own Delivery Fulfillment

Adding delivery service generates new revenue, but managing the delivery process is not a core skill set for most businesses. Unpredictable demand and the overhead costs of idle delivery staff make running deliveries an expensive endeavor. Additionally, building the technology and expertise to execute the operation well is a distraction to your core operation.

A Logistics Company for a Modern Economy

Singular Focus

Concentrated Only on Delivery Fulfillment.

Delivery of Local Products

Short Distances from Merchant to Consumer

Short Service Windows

Typical Order to Delivery within 2 Hours or Less

How it Works for Homer Partners

We analyze your delivery history (if available) and forecast the expected demand, allowing Homer to staff couriers in your area to meet established customer delivery expectations.

Homer integrates with your ordering software or partners. This software streamlines on-site operations, making handling deliveries across multiple ordering partners easy.

We aggregate orders from your business, and others in the area, into a centralized management system and use this system to determine the best way to route couriers to your business.

After selecting the most efficient courier, one of our uniformed and trained employees promptly arrives at your business to pick up and deliver the package to your customer.

  • We Analyze Delivery History & Forecast Demand

  • Our Software Receives Orders as They're Placed

  • Homer’s Technology Optimizes Delivery Routes

  • We Provide Fast, Customer-Centered Service

What Our Partnered Businesses Have to Say...

We didn’t have delivery before because we didn’t want to manage the delivery process. We knew we were sacrificing customers, but we didn’t want the liability and the management headache. Homer allowed us to turn on delivery without any hassles. It was a dream come true!" Brianne Myers, Manager
Homer showed me how much money I was actually spending on maintaining my own delivery team. I was ecstatic to see that I could not only save money by outsourcing delivery to Homer, but also remove the pain of managing and monitoring the process. My customers love it, and I am operating a stronger business now." Charlie Marshal, Owner
We used to manage the delivery process across multiple restaurants. The time needed was a complete sink hole for HR. The turnover was high, the representation of the restaurant was poor. We were honestly thinking about shutting down delivery completely before Homer came along." Andy Stern, Owner

Homer's Pricing:
Monthly Software Fee + Per-Delivery Charge

Order Management Software

At a Flat Rate of
$249 /month
Subject to Savings from a number of discounting factors*

Professional Delivery Fulfillment

Starting at
$5.99 /delivery
Up to $11.99 for certain heavy or specialty deliveries.
*Discounting Factors:
High Delivery Volume Multiple Locations Delivery Radius Established Brand Power New to Delivery Special Promotions

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