Homer Logistics

The Next Generation of Same Day Delivery

We partner with local and national businesses to offer more efficient, professional, and reliable delivery.

A Logistics Company for a Modern Economy

Short Service Windows

We are experts at fulfilling deliveries in the same day or faster in urban areas.

Optimized Routing

We've developed routing algorithms to achieve faster, more efficient deliveries.

Professional Service

Homer runs a tight, reliable operation with highly-trained delivery professionals.

Same-Day Delivery Fulfillment Solutions

Ship from Your Store

Homer picks up products directly from your NYC-based store and delivers in the same day. Package products for delivery customers the same way you would for in-store customers.

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Ship from Homer Hub

Store products closer to your customers to deliver faster and more efficiently. Homer will replenish your products in our network of NYC hubs at a set cadence and will package and deliver orders within 5 hours.

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Scheduled / Sensitive

Homer fulfills previously scheduled deliveries of time-sensitive products within hours, minimizing your special packaging needs and costs.

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Homer Currently Supports Deliveries in New York City.

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