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We help businesses deliver like Amazon.

Types of Items
We Deliver

Homer provides solutions for a broad range of expedited shipping needs across multiple industries. Whether you're a retailer delivering apparel to consumers or a business delivering perishable items to other businesses, if you need to transport items fast and reliably in a local market, Homer can help.

Places We
Pick Up From

Because Homer is able to transport a wide variety of items, we have experience making pickups at locations ranging from regional distribution centers to flagship retail stores in dense cities. We manage single-item pickup all the way to pallet-level pickup.

Regional Distribution Centers

Retail Stores

Metro Distribution Centers

Places We
Deliver To

Our partners deliver to all sorts of customers in many different markets, which means we support all types of delivery destinations.


Urban Residences & Hotels

Suburban Communities

Why Use

When it comes to managing expedited shipping, you need a reliable, scalable, and affordable solution. Homer uses a unique approach, combining cutting-edge technology and operational expertise to bring these advantages to your supply chain.

Use the Right Tool for the Right Job

We match the correct mode of transportation to subsets of packages, lowering shipping costs.

Cutting Edge Route Optimization

By aggregating demand and optimizing delivery routes, we manage your costs for expedited shipping.

Nationwide Solution for Expedited Shipping

We can coordinate your shipping needs across multiple markets for nationwide support.