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Don't Fall Behind! Excelling at Delivery is Crucial to Running a Competitive Business

Delivery and Consumer Trends

The demand for locally delivered products has exploded in recent years. Millenials now make 54% of their purchases online, and 80% of all Americans order products for delivery at least once per month.

Higher Profits

Drive revenue into your business by connecting to more customers. The overhead costs of on-site staff often remain fixed as you fulfill delivery orders, so delivery revenue goes right to your bottom line.

Marketing and Exposure

If you have a great product, people should know about it! A strong delivery program allows both commercial and residential customers to discover your business without ever passing your storefront.

Existing Solutions Fall Short The Issues with Your Other Primary Options

Managing Your Own Delivery Fulfillment

Marketing Platforms w/ Delivery Fulfillment

It's difficult to predict delivery demand and staff call-outs / injuries, so ensuring a high level of service means staffing in excess of your true needs, leading to high delivery labor costs.

Poor Cost Efficiency

Hidden Marketing Fees

Platforms such as Postmates, Caviar, DoorDash, and UberEats charge your business 15-30% of the order value. They'll also re-market to your customer base, pushing whichever of your competitors is willing to pay-for-placement.

Recruiting and hiring delivery staff requires a lot of time and effort, especially in an industry that tends to have high turnover rates.

Managing Staff Costs Time and Effort

Complicated Back-of-House Management

Because these companies don’t understand your business operations, the systems though which you receive orders are often confusing, difficult to train your staff around, and require ongoing management to work effectively with your internal processes.

Delivery is not the core competency of your business, and your brand suffers when your delivery workforce is not monitored or engaged.

Poor Representatation at the Door

Inconsistent Service / Customer Experience

These marketing platforms are not logistics-focused and usually hire independent contractors to run their deliveries, leading to frustratingly inconsistent and unprofessional service.

You have no way of monitoring your delivery staff once they're out the door. A delivery gone wrong can cost you money or even your business.

Increased Risk of Liability

Delivery Fees Passed On to Your Customers

Many of these platforms charge your customer anywhere from $7-$15 for the delivery (not including tip). This high cost of delivery limits interest, lowers your order volume, and damages customer loyalty.

Homer's Two-Part Solution Delivery Management Software + Delivery Fulfillment

All Your Orders in a Single Interface

Homer consolidates orders from all of your channels into one easy-to-use interface where you can track the progress of every order in real-time.

Data-Driven Tech + Logistics

Our team of data scientists and engineers is dedicated to optimizing the assignment and routing processes, ensuring the fastest delivery times in the industry.

Easily Manage Multiple Locations

Capture organization level metrics about your delivery revenue, even across multiple cities, and investigate single site locations to understand operational bottlenecks.

Professional, Engaged, and Highly Trained Staff

We extensively screen and train our delivery personnel to ensure that they're equipped to provide a professional experience for you and your customers.

Consitently Faster and More Reliable Service

We route our couriers and assign orders based on sophisticated advanced data analysis and algorithms we've developed ourselves.

Real-Time Support and Quick Issue Resolution

We actively monitor all deliveries and provide professional real-time support to keep our system (and your business) running smoothly.

Testimonials What Our Partnered Businesses Have to Say:

I used to manage my own deliveries. Outsourcing to Homer was one of the smartest decisions I made as a restaurant owner. The amount of time I was able to off load by not handling my deliveries was mind boggling. My customers love it, and I have been given the opportunity to focus on my restaurant, not delivery now." Adam Jama, Owner
We didn’t have delivery before because we didn’t want to manage the delivery process. We knew we were sacrificing customers, but we didn’t want the liability and the management headache. Homer allowed us to turn on delivery without any hassles. It was a dream come true!" Brianne Myers, Manager
Homer showed me how much money I was actually spending on maintaining my own delivery team. I was ecstatic to see that I could not only save money by outsourcing delivery to Homer, but also remove the pain of managing and monitoring the process. My customers love it, and I am operating a stronger business now." Charlie Marshal, Owner
We used to manage the delivery process across multiple restaurants. The time needed was a complete sink hole for HR. The turnover was high, the representation of the restaurant was poor. We were honestly thinking about shutting down delivery completely before Homer came along." Andy Stern, Owner

Homer's Pricing Monthly Software Fee + Per-Delivery Charge

Management Software

At a Flat Rate of
$249 /month
Subject to Savings from a number of discounting factors*

Delivery Fulfillment

Starting at
$5.99 /delivery
Up to $11.99 for certain heavy or specialty deliveries.
*Discounting Factors:
High Delivery Volume Multiple Locations Delivery Radius Established Brand Power New to Delivery Special Promotions

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